BeautyScope 373: Crocodile sandcastle

sometimes in the morning 
arriving on the beach
someone has left you
a beautiful surprise

Photographing Hall Cemetery

Greetings one and all.

The other day Aiden and I took a small photography trip to Hall Cemetery. A little cemetery for the historic village that is located one suburb away from our house.

It was a beautiful sunny Winter's day to explore the gravestones.
I was pleasantly surprised to see all the natural designs. So I've taken a few photos to share here.

They have a rare orchid that grows here amongst other rare grassland plants, and they've even gone to the lengths of asking people who have reserved plots where the orchids have taken up residence, to volunteer to move. Tricky. I don't think they are asking the current occupants of graves to get up and move!

Aiden went around straightening up the fallen vases and putting things to rights.

Afterwards we took a trip to the end of the road and had a picnic in the turnoff where gravel is dumped. Such a gorgeous view over the mountains.

Also on this road is an amazing monastery with silver roofs. The Free Serbian Orthodox Monastery.
Stunning! It seems very glamorous to be sitting there all alone amongst farmland.

Speaking of fashion model son.

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack

PS Just as walking is controlled falling,
living is controlled dying.

What do you think of that?

BeautyScope 366: Rock teeth

grinning wildly
the rock bares
its porcelain white teeth
for all to admire